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        PSA 5A 分子篩
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        PSA 5A 分子篩
            PRODUCT LIST
          Ozone catalyst
          Honeycomb molecular sieve
          ceramic filter
          Porcelain sand filter
          Water treatment filter material
          Ceramic Random Tower Packing
          Ceramic Strutured Packing
          Plastic Random Tower Packing
          Plastic Structured Packing
          Metallic Random Tower Packing
          Metallic Structured Packing
          Catalyst Bed Support Media
          Acid-resistant Brick,Plate
          Molecular Sieve
          Refractory Ball
          Thermal Storage Ball
          Activated Alumina Ball
          Ceramic Grinding Media
          Honeycomb Ceramic
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        Pingxiang Economic Development Zone, Jiangxi Province

        PSA 5A molecular sieve

          Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is a new gas adsorption and separation technology, which has the following advantages:

          (1) high product purity.

          (2) Generally, it can work at room temperature and low pressure, and it is energy-saving and economical to regenerate the bed without heating.

          (3) The equipment is simple and easy to operate and maintain.

          (4) Continuous cyclic operation can completely achieve automation.


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